Snow White Coloring Pages

On this page, you can print the Snow White coloring pictures. Luckily as you know, she is only asleep and will be woken up by her prince charming. Feel the adventure by coloring the images below then you will be happy. 

Princess Snow White is the most beautiful young woman in her kingdom; however, after the death of her beloved father, she is left in the custody of her stepmother (the queen), a ruthless and envious witch. 

Free Snow White Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Snow White

One fine day while the princess was singing, she met a handsome prince who, captivated by her melodious voice, sang with her as well. Meanwhile, the young men were being watched by the evil queen. 

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Annoyed by the attention Snow White was receiving, the queen hurriedly asked her magic mirror who was the most beautiful woman in the world, and when it answered with the princess’s name, the queen ordered a hunter to kill Snow White. 

The hunter, who finds himself unable to betray his princess, warns the young woman of the queen’s intentions and advises her to flee. Frightened, Snow White went into the forest until she found a tiny house as a temporary shelter. 

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At that moment, the house was uninhabited because its occupants, the seven dwarves, had gone out to work. 

Once she realized the disorder in that little house in the forest, Snow White asked for the help of several of her animal friends to clean the dwelling, hoping that its inhabitants would soon return and, grateful, let her stay there.

When the seven dwarves return from their workday and find the princess submerged in a deep sleep, they pursue the witch until she falls from a cliff and dies terribly. However, Snow White was still in a deep sleep. 

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The dwarves kept her in a transparent coffin in the middle of the forest for her friends to visit. Finally, the prince arrived, and with the first kiss for love, the princess finally woke up and to all the joy.

Since then, Snow White and Prince Charming got married and lived happily ever after. Snow White is a charming, young and lovely princess. 

She is always willing to collaborate and help whoever needs it, she is lovely with her friends, but she can also be very innocent and naive.