Sofia Coloring Pages

Sofia sees her life turned upside down when her mother marries King Roland II and moves to the imaginary kingdom of Enchancia. 

The young girl becomes a princess and has to learn the habits and customs of the court. Get the Sofia coloring pictures on this page and color them with your favorite colors. Happy coloring. 

Free Sofia Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Sofia The First

Princess Sofia is a 3D animated series broadcasted on the Disney Junior channel since 2013. It is the story of a little girl who lives modestly in a village in the Kingdom of Enchancia with her mother, Miranda.

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One day they bring to the castle slippers ordered by King Roland II to Sofia’s mother. It’s love at first sight between them. They get married, and Sofia and her mother move into the castle.

The adaptation is a little confusing for Sofia, especially since King Roland already has two children, Ambre and James.

Sofia enters the Royal Academy run by the three fairies, where she discovers the Flying Derby (winged horse race) and the education that is the responsibility of the crowned heads.

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Being broadcast on Disney Junior, the Disney channel for the youngest, this series is targeted at the full 8-9 years old. 

But the young Sofia, meeting various and varied adventures and having a character quick to break with traditions and dogmas. 

She does not only please little girls (I know very well a boy of 5 years and a half who follows this series assiduously!).

It works very well with the public of the Disney Junior channel, so I think that’s what motivated the release of this pin.

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It is like other pins on the “heroes” of the channel and especially Jack (from Jack and the pirates of the imaginary land), who would also be entitled to an Open in May.