Spiderman Coloring Pages

Spider-Man was originally a comic book character. Created by Stan Lee, he first appeared in a comic book in 1962. His success allowed Spider-Man to have his series The Amazing Spiderman in 1963, followed by cartoons and, of course, a series of films. 

It is the right place if you’re looking for spiderman coloring pages. We offer you a selection of spiderman colorings that will allow you are having fun with one of your favorite superheroes. 

Free Printable Spiderman Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Spiderman

Spider-Man is undoubtedly the most essential and famous superhero of the Marvel Comics publishing house. Spider-Man is the story of the shy student Peter Parker who is bitten by a spider contaminated by radioactive rays during a scientific experiment.

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The bite changes the genetic code and turns the frail boy into an individual with characteristics equal to a spider if he were human-sized, a real Spiderman. 

Peter Parker can make prodigious leaps. His hands and feet acquire the ability to adhere to any surface, which allows him to climb the walls of the skyscrapers of Manhattan. He also has a surprising balance and a sense of spider that warns him of imminent dangers.

As a good biochemistry student, he invented a sticky and very resistant liquid similar to a spider’s web, which, thanks to devices applied in the wrists, he can spray and use as a rope to climb on anything and imprison captured criminals.

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Peter Parker also has to face all the numerous super-criminals fighting Spider-Man. In the order, we remember the Chameleon, the Vulture, Dr. Octopus, the Sand Man, Lizard, Electro, the Hard, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, and Molten. 

The Green Goblin represents the no.1 enemy of Spider-Man, that is the industrialist Norman Osborn, Harry’s father is the only one to have discovered the secret identity of Spider-Man. 

We also remember the mighty Rhino, the rhinoceros man, the deadly Shocker from electric shock, and the powerful Kingpin, the emperor of crime. 

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One of Spider-Man’s many enemies is the journalist Frederick Foswell, the Great Man, a former crime boss arrested by Spider-Man, who once out of prison, promising not to devote himself to crime, is hired by J.J. Jameson. 

His contribution to the newspaper is precious because thanks to his knowledge and posing as Guercio (remember the 883’s song, “They killed Spider-Man” ?), he can obtain information on the shady trafficking of the underworld. 

In reality, he suspects the true identity of the photographer Peter Parker, but he can’t unmask him. The difficulties of the past inspire spiderman’s stories.