Spinach Coloring Pages

Spinach is a green-leafed plant, very popular because of its close link to the human diet. You can get the coloring pictures of Spinach here. Please choose your favorites below. Happy coloring.

It is considered a food with many properties, although some have been magnified due to a scientific error. Its scientific name is Spinacia oleracea, and it belongs to the family of the Amaranthaceae. 

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Spinach is one of the herbaceous plants that can be annual and can become long-lived in some of its varieties.

They can reach a height of approximately one meter; the stems of this plant are simple and have few ramifications. 

The leaves of Spinach are usually quite fleshy, having an elongated shape. And on the other hand, It has a root that is pivoting and has few branches, and, in turn, it is superficial.

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In its first phase, it can develop leaves grouped, forming a rosette. Being in its second phase, this plant grows a flowering stem that can reach a height of about 80 cm. 

The Spinach, being a dioecious plant, has male and female flowers, which has made it much easier to obtain new hybrid species that have a better flavor, another texture, another color, and even resistance to a large number of climates.

Like many other vegetables, Spinach is composed mainly of water (more than 90%), with very low percentages of carbohydrates and fats.

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It is why expert nutritionists recommend it as part of the diet to follow if you want to regulate or lose weight.

The groups of vitamins present in these plants are E, A, C, and B, providing antioxidant action. It regulates the excellent vision state for people with eye problems, hair, skin, mucous membranes, bones, and the immune system.

It is being suitable for preventing cardiovascular and degenerative diseases such as cancer. 

They are also involved in the formation of collagen, red blood cells (so it is indicated for the treatment of anemia), white blood cells, absorption of iron from food, and resistance to infections. 

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Its high folate content makes it advisable in the diets of pregnant women as it prevents fetal malformations during the first weeks of pregnancy.

Spinach is rich in calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, and sodium. 

These minerals play an important structural role for some aspects of the human being, such as bones or teeth, and benefit the functioning of the intestines, muscles, or nerves. 

They also have a mild laxative effect, diuretic (especially its high potassium and low sodium content), improve immunity, transmission, generation of nerve impulses, and muscle activity.

The fiber content provides a mild laxative effect that improves constipation and collaborates to reduce cholesterol.