Star Wars Coloring Pages

Star Wars is the film that has captured the imagination the most in over 20 years. And we can’t get enough of this “Star Wars”, of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Master Yoda, and the other Jedi masters. 

You will find their favorite Star Wars characters on this page, as well as some spaceships and robots, indispensable for this adventure! Happy Star Wars Coloring! And don’t forget to share the page with your friends.

Free Star Wars Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Star Wars

Star Wars is a science fiction film directed by the American George Lucas. After his movie “American Graffiti,” the young director turned his attention to a space epic.

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Throughout the films and the many books, comics, and series derived from them, the universe of “Star Wars” has primarily developed to constitute a great space opera challenging to summarize in a few lines.

In “a distant galaxy,” the spectator follows the adventures of the Jedi, a kind of Knight fighting with laser sabers and mastering “force,” an energy field that allows making objects move at a distance but also to modify the thoughts of others.

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The Jedi, guardians of peace and the Republic in the galaxy, regularly battle their historical enemies: the Sith. The latter uses the same lightsabers and the “dark side” of the Force to gain higher power and carry out their agendas.

Jedi are knights who use the “light side” of the Force to do good. To become a Jedi, one must first have an “affinity” with the Force, that is, a sufficient level of a microscopic life form called midi-chlorian in the bloodstream. 

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After selection, only the rank of apprentice (known as “Padawan”) opens. He will then carry out years of missions to learn how to handle the Lightsaber and the Force and, in turn, claim Knight’s rank.

Becoming a Jedi requires a deep commitment. He will spend his life following the Jedi Code, which dictates a simple life (symbolized by a sober costume) and prohibits material possession and emotional attachment. 

The Jedi stands as the guarantor of the Republic and its founding principles. He is, therefore, responsible for maintaining peace and enforcing the law.