Thanos Coloring Pages

Thanos was created back in 1973 by screenwriter Mike Friedrich and cartoonist and writer Jim Starlin. To the latter, precisely, he owes much of his later development. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Now, you can find him in the following Thanos coloring pages. The coloring pages below are available at no charge. So let’s prepare your colors and get the drawings.

Printable Thanos Coloring Pages

Avengers Vs Thanos Coloring Pages
Avengers Vs Thanos Coloring Pages

Who is Thanos?

Thanos was the son of Mentor and his wife Sui-San, and brother of the avenger Eros, aka Starfox. Unlike most of his species, Thanos carried vicious genes belonging to the Titans’ cousin race, the Deviants. Because of this, his appearance was simian and deformed.

This spectacle caused his mother to give him a name other than Dione, with which he was to be baptized, and from childhood, he suffered the rejection of every Titan.

This alienation, curiously, did not prevent Thanos from becoming a scientific and metaphysical genius. However, his lack of rootedness nurtured a nihilistic spirit and a fixation with Death. Yes, Death in capital letters. 

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Thanos fell in love with the cosmic entity Ama Death, the anthropomorphic representation of the end of all things.

Willing to win her affections, Thanos became a warlord and began a campaign of devastation across the cosmos. 

One of his most fatal blows would be against Titan herself, in a bombardment that would sever her mother’s life.

Among his subsequent attempts were an attempt to invade Earth to get his hands on the Cosmic Cube and his fragile alliance with Adam Warlock to stop the Magus and his followers. 

This last episode ended with the betrayal of the Titan, who would end up being destroyed by Warlock in retaliation.

Years later, however, Death would resurrect Thanos to correct the cosmic imbalance that had generated the excess of living beings in the Universe. 

Thanos went beyond what was expected of him and gathered the Six Infinity Gems, giving way to the saga of “The Infinity Gauntlet”. Thanos would force the entire Marvel Universe to put aside their differences to face him.

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This confrontation would initiate a brief period of redemption. Thanos would again ally himself with Warlock, becoming the guardian of one of the Infinity Gems. 

However, a series of cosmic events would force Thanos to destroy the creature before sacrificing himself to restore it.

Once resurrected again, Thanos would try to make amends to different entities and cultures he had wronged. His path of redemption would be interrupted by the Annihilation Wave and by his Death at the hands of Drax (as we saw in “Annihilation”).

Peter Quill’s Guardians of the Galaxy would have the misfortune to resurrect him again by mistake. Reconverted into the avatar of Death, Thanos would begin a cosmic carnage that would force Quill and Nova to stop him.

His quick skirmish with Nova and Starlord through the Cancerverse did not prevent Thanos from returning to our reality to threaten Earth on at least two occasions. 

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The most shocking would be the invasion he carried out in “Infinity,” intending to kill his offspring, the half-Inhuman Thane, whose powers he feared.

At the dawn of “Secret Wars 2015”, Thanos would team up with Namor and his Cabal to destroy parallel realities to prevent the destruction of Earth 616 (the Marvel of all time). 

He would again succumb to the God-Emperor Death, though Galactus would bring him back to life sometime later. A wrong decision, by the way.

And the first thing our Mad Titan would do precisely would be to become the spark that would explode the “Civil War II”. After killing War Machine and seriously wounding Hulka, he would be reduced by Carol Danvers and her team. 

After escaping from captivity, Thanos discovered that he was suffering from an incurable disease and would try in every way to find a cure…