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Do you look for The Thor Coloring Pages? So you are on the right site. Thor is a superhero movie based on Marvel characters. 

Please browse the page, and you will get the pictures you want. All of them are available at no charge and registration. So let’s have fun.

Free Thor Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Thor

One of Marvel’s most potent weapons is undoubtedly the Mjolnir, this artifact that has Odin’s enchantment and can only be lifted by anyone worthy of that power. Still, recently a power of Thor’s hammer was unveiled that no one knew.

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We have seen this powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe of Cinema since the first ‘Thor’ movie in 2011 and saw it destroyed by Hela in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ in 2017 and later replaced by the Stormbreaker Avengers: Infinity War’.

Recently a power of Thor’s hammer was discovered that nobody knew about, because in the comic book of Thor #1 written by Donny Cates, we found that it can be used to spread the voice of the Thundergod.

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It is because, after the fall of Odin, Thor takes the throne of Asgard, and the first thing he does in his reign is to send a message of peace to all the kingdoms because he throws the Mjolnir, and with it, his voice is heard:

“The old king is gone. Let there be peace… or let there be thunder.”

But not only can he project his voice through this magical device, but he can also hear everything around him. He has the power to speak and understand everything in the various realms.

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Although this story is only just unfolding, we may have more knowledge of other powers that we do not know about, not only the Mjolnir but also the God of Thunder.