Tomato Coloring Pages

The tomato is an essential vegetable in the world. It is grown worldwide, the major producing countries being China and the United States. 

You can get these great vegetables on the following tomato coloring pages on this page. You can print then color them with your favorite colors. Happy coloring. 

Printable Tomato Coloring Pages

The tomato is a healthy food that provides many vitamins necessary for the body. It also contains high levels of potassium and zinc. 

However, one of its most essential qualities is its antioxidant power since it possesses a substance, lycopene, which, together with other compounds, reduces the risk of contracting cancer, among other effects.

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The tomato is the most economically crucial horticultural product, with more than 90 million tons produced per year worldwide. 

China, the United States, Turkey, and Egypt are the major producing countries. In addition, it is one of the horticultural products with the most incredible diversity of uses. 

Apart from being consumed raw, it can be served cooked, stewed, fried, pickled, as a sauce, or combined with other foods. 

It can also be industrially processed whole, as paste, juice, powder, etc. Between 25 and 30% of the annual world, production is industrialized.

Although it is native to South America, its cultivation is widespread worldwide, although it produces the highest yields in warm climates with good lighting. 

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The summer should belong, with daytime temperatures between 23 and 24ºC and nighttime temperatures of 14ºC. Tomato prefers somewhat acid soils.

The tomato fruit is a berry, thick and fleshy with two or more segments, of different shapes and colors depending on the variety. 

Its weight varies between a few milligrams and 600 grams. It is usually red, although there are also yellow ones. The diameter of the fruit varies between 3 and 16cm. Some varieties with tiny fruit are called cherry tomatoes.

There are numerous varieties of tomato, and their number is growing continuously, obtaining plants more resistant to diseases, more productive, and with fruits of better quality and better conservation.

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Tomatoes are grown all year round, thanks to our climate and the widespread use of greenhouses.

It was possible to obtain tomatoes with an extra-early cycle (from mid-February), an early cycle (from mid-May), a regular cycle (throughout the summer), and a late-cycle (from September to February).

Currently, tomatoes play a fundamental role in the daily diet due to availability and versatility and their high nutritional value, based on their richness in mineral salts and vitamins.