Train Coloring Pages

Choose and print a beautiful coloring picture of a train. We have a massive collection of train coloring pictures; steam locomotives, a high-speed train, a passenger train arriving at the station, and strong freight trains.

Trains can be classified into several different categories, separated by the way their locomotives operate, their use, and the design of their tracks. 

Massive Collection of Train Coloring Pages

A Brief Explanation of Train

There are three types of locomotive; steam locomotive, diesel locomotive, and electric locomotive.

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Steam locomotives: From the moment Matthew Murray produced the first steam locomotive, the world of trains has changed forever. This type of propulsion only disappeared after diesel engines became undeniably cheaper and more reliable.

Diesel locomotives: With falling diesel prices and increasing industrial pressure to transport ever more significant quantities of coal and freight, diesel locomotives became the predominant choice for trains after World War II. Today they are mainly used in combination with electric motors.

Electric locomotives: Advances in network infrastructure and the manufacture of electric motors have enabled trains to adopt electric power as one of the most reliable propulsion sources. 

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Today, electric trains can be found everywhere, from city trains, subways, trams to high-speed express trains.

Combined engines: Today, many trains use dual engines that can harness the power of the network in urban areas and diesel engines in more challenging terrain outside cities.

Common Rail: From the early days, when steam engines began to operate in the countryside of England, the standard configuration of rails started to spread around the world. Today, they can be found almost everywhere.

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Electric Railways: Although electric locomotives were introduced to the public in the early 19th century, they became increasingly popular only after teaching alternating current at the end of that century.

High-Speed Rails: Advances in rail technologies have allowed technicians to design new rails optimized for high speeds and smooth driving. These rails can be found on many high-speed train networks, especially in Japan, France, and Spain.