Free Voltron coloring pages to print and color

Voltron is the greatest weapon ever known, protector of the innocent, and our only hope to save the universe. When these cats get together, there’s no stopping them. 

If your kids love Voltron, print out our free coloring pages. Color your defenders of the universe today.

Voltron coloring pages

A Brief Story of Voltron

Voltron is a reboot of an old American series, a fusion of two Japanese series. It makes Voltron prove that Americans can quite adapt to Japanese works and have to choose the right people.

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A small summary of the series, five earthlings: Kieth, Lance, Pidge, Hunk, and Shiero find themselves despite themselves in a war against the Galras, a dictatorial empire led by the emperor Zarkon who has ruled the universe since millenniums. 

With the help of Caron and Princess Allura, the last surviving Alteans who were the first victims of the empire, our protagonists must fight the kingdom with the help of a giant robot named Voltron.

Voltron is a super-powerful robot composed of 5 other robots, with the appearance of a lion, having their characteristics. 

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Together, our heroes from the Voltron Coalition, the earthlings, are the paladins, intending to free the people from the yoke of the Galras.

At the beginning of the series, our heroes have known character archetypes. Lance is the pretentious little guy who thinks he is good at everything.

Kieth is a lone wolf who thinks he doesn’t need anyone (and these will be the service rivals). Pidge is the scared nerd.

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Hung is not always a courageous and cooking-loving husk. Shiro is roughly Captain America (a leader who knows discipline, is experienced, and knows how to make the right decisions). 

After the paladins, we have Caron, the comic relief of the series, whose humor is partly based on his colorful personality.

Still, he will remain severe in the tensest situations and will be the one who will teach the paladins how the universe works. And finally, Princess Allura, who is a future Princess Leila.