Wild Kratts Coloring Pages

Our planet is populated by various animal species, each with its unique characteristics – and kids are fascinated! 

For over a decade, we’ve been treated to a glimpse into the lives and science of animals through Wild Kratts. And now they are here in the following wild kratts coloring pages.

Free Wild Kratts Coloring Pages

What is Wild Kratts?

Wild Kratts is a 30-minute comedy/adventure series created by the Kratt Brothers, in which they appear as animated characters.

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Produced by Kratt Brothers Company Ltd. and 9 Story Media Group, each episode takes viewers on a grand adventure to meet remarkable animals. 

Each species is unique and has special abilities that the Wild Kratts team calls “creature power. Throughout the series, children discover how much we have in common with animals, such as the need to live in a healthy environment.

Wild Kratts is not only to introduce children to animals but also to spark their interest in nature and the science behind each creature. 

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The producers have found that by watching Wild Kratts, children are eager to share with their parents the knowledge they have gained about less familiar animals such as pangolins, echidnas, and marsupial cats.