Winx Club Coloring Pages

Here are the coloring pages of all your friends and girlfriends of the Winx Club. Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecna, and Layla.

The primary school of the 3 in the story is Alfea, where the six main characters, all fairies, go to school: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla.

Free Printable Winx Club Coloring Pages

Winx Club Characters

Bloom is 16 years old, and she comes from the earth. Bloom was an ordinary girl on earth until she discovered magical powers. 

She left for Alfea, and there she turned into the Fairy of Dreams and Magic. She fantasizes about another world full of magical places and magic beings and fights hard to make her dream come true. 

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Because she possesses the power of the Dragon Flame, she is the most powerful fairy of all.

Stella is 17 years old and comes from solaria. The fairy of fashion and beauty is Stella. She is not so concerned with her school performance but is more concerned with her clothes and appearance. 

She has a magic wand, making her a little stronger than the other girls in the WINX Club. 

Flora is 16 years old and comes from the 5th moon of marigold. Flora is the fairy of love and nature. She is charming and is always there for everyone. 

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Sometimes she is a bit insecure and shy, but she dares to pursue her dreams in the WINX Club. 

Musa is 16 years old and comes from the harmonic Nebula Galaxy. Musa is the fairy of music and leisure. If she could, she would listen to music anytime and anywhere. 

Musa has an explosive nature at times, but she can always cheer up her friends even in difficult times. 

Tecna is 16 and comes from the Third Vector of the Binary Galaxy. Tecna is the fairy of science and technology. 

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While the other girls are having fun in their free time, Tecna is always discovering something new. She is a true perfectionist and can often give her friends good advice. 

Layla/Aisha makes her appearance in the second season and immediately becomes best friends with Musa. She possesses the power to make a fluid do whatever she wants. 

Layla is also the fairy of sport and can dance and snowboard well, among other things. Layla means dark beauty or night in Arabic.