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The Walt Disney Animation Studios often focuses on creating animated films based on fairy tales, and they also make films like Wreck-it Ralph. 

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A Brief Story of Wreck-it Ralph

It’s a modern and fully computer-animated film full of recognizable, slightly lesser-known, and fictional characters from video games. 

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For the slightly older us, it’s a pleasant reunion with the game industry stars such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Pac-Man, and Q*Bert, who all claim a role in the digitized world of Wreck-it Ralph. 

The only significant absence is Super Mario, although he’s still referred to when he doesn’t show up for a party.

Ralph is tired of as the villain in the video game Fix-it Felix. He’s the maverick that’s thrown after every level of the building. While he has to watch from the ground, Felix takes the coveted medal and is welcomed as a hero. 

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This has to change because Ralph isn’t that bad at all. That’s why he decides to look for a medal and visit dozens of games to achieve his goal. 

Ralph ends up from one game to another until he ends up in the world of Sugar Rush Speedway, meets the cute Vannelope, and helps her to stop the villain King Candy.

Anyway, the film is full of inventive references to real games. It is recognizable tunes from numerous video games, game sounds such as the warning you hear in Metal Gear Solid when danger threatens, and well-made jokes that are suitable for both young and older audiences. 

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The computer animations look good, and the animators of The Walt Disney Animation Studios are getting closer and closer to the quality of their Pixar counterparts.

That doesn’t alter the fact that Wreck-it Ralph isn’t a classic Disney film that belongs in the lineup of Snow White, Peter Pan, and Aladdin, but that the film is hugely entertaining.