Zombie Coloring Pages

Zombies have been an integral part of books and films since the 80s. Where does our fondness for these creepy creatures come from, and what is a zombie? 

Here you can find the printable zombie coloring pages. Please browse this page to get the images you like. Remember, all of them are available without any purchase. So let us have fun.

Printable Zombie Coloring Pages

Many movies and TV shows are about zombies. Some of the most popular series include The Walking Dead and iZombie. 

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Zombies also appear in literature repeatedly, for example, in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. There is even a Zombie Survival Guide. But what exactly characterizes a zombie?

Zombies are also called undead or revenants. They are dead people brought back to life by magic or a virus. In the process, they have lost their soul and humanity. 

They can speak, have no feelings, and feel no pain. They also have no will of their own anymore.

They can move, even if only slowly and with outstretched arms. They can see, hear, and feel an excellent appetite for human flesh or brains. 

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Outwardly they still look like human beings, but their faces are bloody or decayed, and their eyes are empty.

People’s fear of returning after their death has been rooted for thousands of years. In the early and middle ages, the dead were sometimes beheaded and impaled or tied up in their graves. 

Awake should take care that the deceased does not wake up again. If this happened, it was probably only because many people were falsely declared dead in times of plague and cholera.

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The term zombie has its origin in the African language Kimbundu. There the word “nzùmbe” denotes the spirit of a dead person. The term was brought to Haiti by slave traders in the 17th century.

In Haiti, the word “zonbi” is still in use today. Some researchers suspect that the zombie myth was intended to prevent enslaved people from committing suicide. Voodoo priests revived people in the past.