Free Donkey Coloring Pages For Kids

Today, you can discover images to print and color. Here are free donkey coloring pages. Get the pictures you love below, then color them as you like.

The domestic donkey is the best known of all donkeys. It is the result of the domestication of the wild African donkey, from which a wide variety of breeds have been selected. 

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Donkey Characteristic

Donkeys are part of the Equidae family. These land mammals are herbivorous and perissodactyl. They have much longer ears than other equids. 

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Well irrigated and adapted to the desert, they allow an efficient cooling of the body. Their tail looks like a cow’s. It is provided with short hairs except for the end, which is covered with a tuft. 

Compared to domestic horses, their eyes are more directed towards the front. The donkeys have almost no chestnuts on their hind legs, unlike horses. 

Their hooves are also quite particular. Smaller, more vertical, and more complex than horses, they do not need to be shod, except if they are intended for work. 

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Their hair is long, coarse, and has a wide variety of textures. Their mane is short, has a virtually non-existent tuft, is erect on the neck, and rarely exceeds 12 cm. 

Their coat is generally gray except for a few parts such as the belly, the muzzle, and the eye area, which are white. 

Domestic breeds can be predominantly black (like the Grand Noir du Berry), brown (like the Baudet du Poitou), or white (like the Egyptian White Donkey). 

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The gray breeds frequently have a crucial stripe on their back, called the cross of Saint Andrew. 

The wild species wear a coat ranging from gray to sandy brown, even reddish-brown in the case of Tibet’s king or wild donkey. 

Their cry, which is called “braying”, is a powerful and shrill Hi-Han characteristic of them.