Garfield Coloring Pages

On this page, you can see the laziest lasagna lover cat in the world. Garfield coloring pictures are here. Garfield was created in 1978 for comics by writer Jim Davis.  

Garfield is the protagonist of the series of the same name, in which also the dog Odie and its owner Jon Arbuckle. He is an intelligent cat who has fantastic adventures. 

Free Garfield Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Garfield

You don’t have to be a comic fan or even a cat lover to know Garfield. Because especially in the 80s and 90s, Garfield was practically everywhere. 

The first Garfield comic strip appeared in more than three dozen American newspapers.

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Garfield is the prototype of the anti-hero. The shapeless tomcat bore little resemblance to the last multimedia icon in the early comic strips. 

Over time, Garfield, whom Jim Davis sees as an anti-hero because of his sarcasm, self-centeredness, and boorishness, underwent an unmistakable visual evolution.

The Monday-hater, nap specialist, and teddy-cuddler lost mass but kept his specific weight problem. At the same time, he became a little cuter and gained much more expressiveness. 

Besides, the lazybones, of whom mice are guaranteed not to have anything to fear and who would like to make the birdbath in the garden his fast food, shifted his gait to two legs.

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But in comics, the timeless status quo is sacred, even more, changed in 40 years. Garfield’s daft owner, Jon Arbuckle, has never been a topic of discussion since the first strip. He is a real profession as a comic strip artist,

It was finally able to win the love of his life one day after decades of being a loser (and although Liz is a veterinarian, Garfield doesn’t think she’s terrible at all). 

Even the technique caught up with Garfield in the daily strips that Davis and several assistants produce.

Computers, smartphones, and the Internet are always present in the younger strips, and instead of the classic hand-colored pieces, they are now digitally colored.

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On the other hand, what has hardly changed is the depth of the comic, which, compared to other classics, rarely focuses on great insights or even philosophical dimensions. 

Although the communication between Jon and Garfield, whose thoughts are known only to the reader, seems to be a philosophy in itself. 

The cynical Garfield has constantly harassed his provider or his limited dog-roommate Odie in the gags. If not, he lazes around on the Olympic level or thinks about how to get the next snack or caffeine shot.