Goofy Coloring Pages

There are images and drawings for children of Goofy to color here. These are educational coloring pages for kids to learn color. Please, select the picture you like and download it for free.

Goofy has appeared in countless cartoon shorts and movies, either alone or alongside his friends Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Free Printable Goofy Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Goofy

Goofy has become an iconic cartoon character and a popular subject for Disney costumes, parties, and crafts, drawings, and coloring pages for children. 

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Goofy, the Movie, is one of Disney’s most successful cartoon comedy films and features Goofy and his only son, Max.

As Walt Disney Studios artists called him, Dippy Dawg was an audience member in the short Mickey’s Revue. 

He constantly annoyed the other viewers by noisily peeling and eating peanuts and laughing uproariously until two hit him with their bags. 

This first version of Goofy has other differences beyond the name with the character that would result later. 

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Progressively during the series, Mickey’s involvement is diminished in favor of Donald and Goofy. 

The reason is simple: while the easily frustrated Donald and Goofy who is always in their world, Mickey seems to act as the sincere character of the trio and progressively becomes more gentlemanly and quiet.