Jellyfish Coloring Pages

We have plenty of animal coloring pages ready to be colored. Kids love to color animals. And today, you’ll discover jellyfish coloring pages with their big round eyes and smallmouth. 

Please bring them to life by playing with the colors to create a marine atmosphere according to your preferences. Happy coloring.

Free Jellyfish Coloring Pages

Jellyfish Characteristic

The jellyfish is composed of 98% water and 2% dry matter. It is formed of a cap called an umbrella and a vertical axis, the manubrium, fixed at the center of the lower face. To the edge of the umbrella are attached filaments.

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The movements of the jellyfish are slow. The marine currents drive the jellyfish, and the contraction of the muscles of its parasol propels it by jumps.

There are several hundred species of jellyfish. The smallest species measures only a few millimeters in diameter. The largest, found in the Arctic seas, measures 2 meters in diameter, with filaments reaching 40 meters in length.

Jellyfish Habitat

The jellyfish spends all its life in open water. It is found in all the warm and cold seas of the planet, in the open sea, and on the coast. Only rare species live in freshwater.

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Jellyfish Reproduction

Jellyfish reproduce when they die. When a jellyfish is killed, it releases its spermatozoa (if it is a male), which disperse in the ocean after meeting its female counterpart. 

The fertilized eggs become larvae called “planula,” which attach themselves to support and develop into polyps after falling to the bottom.

A vital change must intervene (ex: change of temperature, oxygen, thunderclap) to release the jellyfish thus formed.