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Free Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is the most well-known character at Disney Studios. Mickey Mouse is more than an iconic figure. He’s a legend. 

His dazzling popularity allowed his creator Walt Disney to experience his first great success and come out of the shadows. 

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Over the years, Mickey became an ambassador for the studios and the multinational, The Walt Disney Company. Present on all media, he has been known worldwide for generations. 

He even becomes, despite himself, the representative of imperialist America and thus inspires artists who divert him to put forward his forms or denounce what he represents. 

No other animated character, even Bugs Bunny at Warner, will have such an impact on 20th-century cinema and culture.

Mickey was born in the cinema before moving on to comic books and becoming the symbol of the Disney empire. His father is true, above all, a man of cinema, as a pioneer of the cartoon. 

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His first homemade productions in the early 20s were not as successful as expected. 

Legend has it that in the face of these difficulties, during a train journey with his wife, Disney sketched his leading character for the first time and named him Mickey, Disney thinking first of the name Mortimer.

The invention of talking pictures (1927) propelled Mickey star. The first two silent cartoons (“Plane Crazy” and “The Gallopin’ Gaucho”) did not work any better than the previous Disney films. 

It is “Steamboat Willie”, the first sound and talking cartoon, which launches a worldwide success and marks the birth certificate of the little mouse with big ears in 1928. 

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The animation was inspired by the recent triumph of silent movie star Buster Keaton’s burlesque film, “Steamboat Bill Jr.”

From that moment on, Walt Disney will no longer separate his cartoons from a powerful musical accompaniment, which will become his trademark. Starting with Mickey, a whole menagerie will accompany him from film to film.

His girlfriend Minnie, his dog Pluto, his canine companion Dingo (Goofy), the Donald duck, the Clarabelle cow, the Horace horse, soon joined by a host of other characters, each zanier than the next.