Ninjago Coloring Pages

Do you like Ninjago? Do you look for Ninjago Coloring Page? You are on the right page. There is a collection of Ninjago coloring pictures below. Let’s print and color them to make your day be a happy one.

Ninjas have become part of our pop culture. LEGO also took this theme and interpreted it in a unique and child-oriented way: Colorful ninjas with different powers who fight against evil together. 

Free Ninjago Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Ninjago

Ninjago has been part of the LEGO product family since 2011 and is now one of the most popular product lines in the LEGO family. In addition to the playsets, there is also a separate TV series about the adventures of the ninjas. 

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With over 70 episodes, the animated family television series is the longest-running LEGO series. In autumn 2017, “The LEGO Ninjago Movie” was released.

The world of Ninjago is strongly inspired by Japanese and Chinese myths and their culture. The primary setting of the events is the island of Ninjago. 

There are many forgotten places and secret hiding places where powerful artifacts can be found and provide material for many adventures.

The six ninjas have practice spinjitzu – an influential martial art that combines combat and elemental force techniques. They are trained by a wise old master: Sensei Wu. Each ninja has its color and is a master of one element:

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The favorites of most Ninjago fans are probably the six main characters and their master Wu. After all, almost everyone prefers to be on the side of the good guys – even when playing. 

Without villains, there is usually no actual plot. The simple solution: Many LEGO sets contain one or more of the seven main characters and members of the villain side. Thus, even a carefully selected set provides an enjoyable start into the world of Ninjago.

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In the series, the colorful heroes fight against several different threats. They also fight against the young Lloyd, who, after some time, joins the ninjas himself and becomes a green ninja. 

Together they then fight against Lord Garmadon – father of Lloyd and brother of Master Wu. The lord was infected with evil when a snake bit him in childhood. 

Further antagonists in the sets and the series are, for example, the Time Twins, the Ultra Evil, various snake tribes, skeleton warriors, androids, or air pirates.