Powerpuff Girl Coloring Pages

Please scroll down this page so that you can get the Super Powerful Girls for coloring. The Powerpuff Girls is a cartoon series currently being broadcast on cartoon networks.

Saving the world before its bedtime: this is the unique mission of The Powerpuff Girls, three super-powered girls who defend the peace of Townsville.

Free Printable Powerpuff Girl Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Powerpuff Girls

Lolly, Dolly, and Molly are the three Powerpuff Girls, created by a scientist, Professor Utonium, mixing “sugar, cinnamon and everything beautiful”.

However, to the ingredients, the professor added by mistake the compound Chemical X: after an explosion, Professor Utonium finds himself in front of the three little girls who have extraordinary superpowers.

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Lolly is the leader of the trio: red hair, pink dresses, and a posed and thoughtful character. She is brilliant and mature and is exceptionally tidy. Her superpowers are the breath of ice and the sneeze of fire.

The blonde Dolly has a sweeter and more naive character, loves soft toys and unicorns, and loves to draw. With great imagination, she often has her head in the clouds.

She wears heavenly clothes and, among her special powers, she can understand the language of animals.

The brunette Molly, dressed in green, is the most aggressive and impulsive: she is very fond of her sisters and Professor Utonium. She does not hesitate to clash with her enemies.

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She doesn’t like school very much, even if she is a genius in mathematics. Her superpower is the ability to roll up her tongue. The three Powerpuff Girls have big eyes, wear a very fashionable suit, and live in Townsville.

Their enemy is Mojo Jojo, a super-intelligent scientist with the appearance of a monkey who tries to conquer the world.

Precisely because they’re too busy saving the world from Mojo Jojo Jojo’s almighty delirium, the Powerpuff Girls “create” the fourth member of the superheroine team: the fourth Powerpuff Girl is called Bliss and although she looks a lot like her sisters.

She has a very personal style, characterized by the electric blue of her eyes and clothes. She has dark skin, full hips, and long legs, but she has the same superpowers as the sisters. A pity they are uncontrollable because of her emotions.

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At first, then, the Powerpuff Girls experiment doesn’t seem very successful because Bliss is causing a lot of trouble in Townsville. Luckily, the fourth Powerpuff Girls is also perfect, and in the end, she manages to make things right!

The new adventures of the Powerpuff Girls will be available on DVD with the first entire season of the reboot The Powerpuff Girls from June 20th, with the distribution of Koch Media.