Rapunzel Coloring Pages

Princess Rapunzel is a girl with magical hair up to 20 meters long. Rapunzel was stolen from the palace by the evil Mother Gothel and locked up in a hidden high tower as a baby. Escape seems impossible.

Rapunzel yearns for some adventure in her life and dreams of escaping from the tower and being an ordinary teenage girl. Now you can see Rapunzel adventure in the Rapunzel Coloring pictures below. Just print and color them, then feel her experience.

Free Rapunzel Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Rapunzel

Rapunzel is the main character of the Tangled movie. Mother Gothel raises rapunzel in a lovingly isolated tower, but she is forbidden to go out by any means, representing the outside world full of insidious dangers.

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That adventure begins when the most handsome and greatest villain in the kingdom – knight Flynn – passes her tower. They make an appointment to leave the building and go on an adventure.

So she takes her mother away with an excuse for a few days, to be free to go out. In the meantime, thinking she is uninhabited, a young scoundrel, Flynn Rider, who has just stolen the precious tiara of the Lost Princess from the royal castle, enters the tower.

Rapunzel imprisons him using his hair and promises to free him and give him back the tiara, only if he will accompany her to see the Night of the Lanterns. The young man accepts, although, at the first opportunity, he tries to get rid of the girl.

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Tender complicity is born between the two of them. Rapunzel reveals to Eugene the boy’s real name, the power of his hair, and the two of them together watch the launching of the lanterns; here, Rapunzel reveals to the boy that she loves him by giving him back the crown, and he, in turn, confides his love.

But Mother Gothel is on the trail of the two of them and wants to regain Rapunzel and his power. She tricks the girl into believing that Eugene has escaped with the tiara when he has been captured and put to death in reality.

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Mother Gothel, in the heat of vengeance, stumbles over the cut hair, falling out of the window and crumbling into the air; the girl witnesses Eugene’s imminent death in despair, but her tears falling on the boy unleashes the same spell that the hair had before, and makes him heal.

The two young men return to the palace, and his parents recognize rapunzel; the kingdom is celebrated for a whole week. After a short time, the two young men get married and live happily ever after.