The Flash Coloring Pages

Look at there? Who is running very fast? He is The Flash. The Flash is one of the most famous characters in the world. Its name has become synonymous with “speed” or “doing things fast”.

Now you can find a hilarious collection of Flash coloring pictures on this page. Please scroll down this page to get the images you love. Have fun.

Free The Flash Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of The Flash

Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert created the Flash. The original Golden Age Flash debuts in Flash Comics #1 (right) in 1940. Jay Garrick is a college student who, during a smoking break, accidentally spills his “heavy water” gas science experiment.

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He inhales the substance, passes out, and hovers for weeks. But, finally, Garrick recovers, and The Flash is born. Blessed with superhuman speed and reflexes, in his first adventure, Garrick manages to kill four enemies.

Inspired by Mercury, the swift god of Roman mythology, Garrick is even called the reincarnation of that divinity in his first number. God or not, Flash becomes a popular character among readers, defending his fictional home in Keystone City and soon joining his heroic companions in the supergroup known as the Justice Society of America.

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But over time, superhero comics go out of style in favor of other stories, such as westerns, romances, and crime books. And Jay Garrick – like many of his peers – evaporates from the ‘comic book’ shelves, last appearing in All-Star Comics #57 in 1951.

But it doesn’t take him long to get back. Five years later, DC relaunches the character in what’s known as the birth of the Silver Age of comics.

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Previously, attempts had been made to bring back superheroes, but this new Flash – which debuted on Showcase #4 in 1956 – is the first to succeed truly.

Headed by editor Julius Schwartz and created by Robert Kanigher, John Broome, and Carmine Infantino, the Silver Age Flash is Barry Allen, a science police officer.

He gets his powers after an unlikely encounter between lightning and some chemicals. Interestingly, Jay Garrick’s Flash appears in Allen’s origin story as a comic book character who inspires the exploits of the new Flash.